Why a Home Battery Backup Power Supply Makes Sense for Your Customers

The days of solar panel-only setups are over. Nowadays, homeowners want and need more than just panels – they require the peace of mind and energy independence that comes with a complete solar + storage solution. 

As an installer, now is the time to augment your solar offerings with a home battery backup power supply solution. From reduced electric bills and energy security to always-on power for medical equipment and at-home offices, the benefits are plentiful for your homeowner customers as well as your business.

It’s really a win-win situation; you usher your current customers into an “always-on” lifestyle while reaping the benefits of an emerging, high-demand revenue stream. 

At NeoVolta, we understand the new need for solar storage. Without it, homeowners with panel-only setups will effectively pay the Utility to take their excess solar. They also won’t be able to store that energy for later use, either to escape peak demand fees or to keep the lights on during an outage. Knowing this, we designed the NV14 solar battery – a lithium-iron phosphate unit that will secure your homeowner clients’ power supplies, without posing any risk of fire or thermal runaway. 

Discover why a home battery backup power supply is worth the investment for both dealers and installers. Interested? Become a certified dealer.

Home Battery Backup Power Supply: Is It Worth the Investment?

Adding battery storage to your solar offerings is the logical next step to boosting your sales, and ultimately staying ahead of the competition. With the right solar battery, you and your team can provide a complete energy solution that delivers value to homeowners. The time is now to make solar + storage your signature offering, the perfect complement to your current solar panel offerings.

Solar + Storage Benefits for Homeowners

There are numerous benefits for homeowners who add a home battery backup power supply to their panel-only systems, from reduced electric bills to the peace of mind that comes with always-on power.

By adding a solar battery option to your product mix, you can deliver a handful of advantages to your current homeowner customers:

  • Consistent backup power during outages for critical medical equipment, at-home offices, and more
  • Full use of the solar energy your homeowners produce, leading to less reliance on grid power
  • Reduced net metering fees, peak demand rates, and electric bills
  • An independent power supply to provide energy security and peace of mind

Battery storage gives homeowners the ability to keep essential appliances running while maintaining a comfortable environment when the lights go out. It’s also a saving grace for family members with certain medical conditions, as they require 24/7 power, such as respirators, ventilators, home dialysis equipment, and more. For these families, an outage can be detrimental – highlighting the need for a solar battery backup in the home. 

As more homeowners realize that their panel-only systems won’t cut it, the market for solar + storage will continue to thrive. But it’s not just your clients who’ll benefit. By adding a solar battery option such as NeoVolta’s NV14 to your product mix, you can provide an “always-on” lifestyle for your customers while capitalizing on a brand-new revenue stream. 

More Sales Opportunities for Your Business

Without a home battery backup power supply, your homeowner clients will be left with panel-only setups and frustrating net metering and peak demand fees. You could also miss out on an in-demand revenue stream – a lose-lose situation. 

On the other hand, offering solar + storage is a clear win-win. By adding storage to your offerings, your business can:

  • Differentiate from competitors not offering solar storage
  • Distinguish yourself from systems that can catch on fire, cost more, and have less life
  • Position your business as a team of solar experts on the forefront of renewable energy
  • Offer complete, cutting-edge solar solutions that boost margins and battery add-on sales
  • Bundle solar and storage together, opening doors to an expanded customer base

As the solar marketplace gradually shifts from panel-only systems to solar + storage, a growing number of installers are starting to see the competitive advantages of offering battery backups to their current customers. 

Along with providing a complete solar solution to your homeowner clients, you’ll gain a new revenue stream that makes sense for both your customer base and the growth of your business. 

The Time Is Now for Solar + Storage

There’s no better time to invest in training and certifications to offer solar + storage solutions, especially as an installer in California who’s wary of NEM 3.0. Energy storage is among the fastest-growing segments in clean energy, with both federal and state rebates and incentives rendering it more affordable. 

As solar batteries such as NeoVolta’s NV14 rise in demand, the time is now for installers such as yourself to enter the playing field. Get ahead of the curve now, and reap the benefits in the emerging home energy storage market. 

Home Battery Backup Supply Training & Certification with NeoVolta

Are you a solar installer with homeowners begging for a home battery backup supply solution? With the rising demand for home battery backups, it’s clear how much value installers can provide by adding a solar battery to their product mix. 

Here at NeoVolta, we’ve designed a lithium-iron phosphate battery – the NV14 – to provide always-on power to homeowners without the risk of combustion. Unlike other lithium-ion competitors, the NV14 poses no thermal runaway, meaning there’s virtually no fire risk. It also lasts 50% longer than lithium-ion competitors on average, requiring replacement after 6,000 cycles (16 years) versus 4,000 cycles (10.95 years) for lithium-ion units.  And, you can add the NV24 in 90-minutes or less increasing the storage from 14.4 kWhs to 24 kWhs!

If you’re a solar dealer, visit our solar dealer website for more details and specifications on our NV14 battery.

About NeoVolta

NeoVolta designs, develops, and manufactures advanced energy storage systems for both residential and industrial use. Its storage solutions are engineered with Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFe(PO4)) battery chemistry, which is clean, nontoxic, and nonflammable. The residential-focused NeoVolta NV14 is equipped with a solar rechargeable 14.4 kWh battery system, a 7,680-Watt inverter, and a web-based energy management system with 24/7 monitoring. The system’s 6,000-cycle battery life, one of the longest on the market, translates to 16.5 years of useful life, based on a full charge, and discharge each day. The NV14 has passed the product safety standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for battery energy storage safety testing.

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