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The Future is Bright with NeoVolta

The Future is Bright with NeoVolta

NEM 3.0 has reduced compensation rates in California by nearly 75%, with payback periods expected to rise from 5-6 years to 9-10 years.  

Home batteries like NeoVolta’s are no longer “nice-to-haves” – they are necessary for you and your clients to get the best bang for their buck. 

NeoVolta offers unrivaled support for solar dealers and dealers when partnering on a solar project that includes energy storage.  

As a NeoVolta Certified Energy Storage Dealer, you’ll gain a list of potential customers through our lead program, and you will have an active partner in your install. From complete access to the necessary documents to on-call support through your project, there’s no better energy storage partner for your new and retrofit installs than NeoVolta.

Offer Always-On Energy with NeoVolta

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Stress-Free Installation in as Little as 6 hours

Rapid Installs

Plug-and-play design allows for quick and easy installation.

AC or DC

Keep the lights on with AC, DC, or combined AC & DC power.

Flexible Placement

Install indoors or outdoors to meet changing building codes.

Custom Backups

Match client power objectives with customer-specific setups.

10-Year Warranty

Thanks to its modular design, servicing the NV14 is a breeze.

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The Future is Bright with NeoVolta. Recharge Your Leads as a NeoVolta Energy Storage Dealer.