Solar Panel Upgrades for Property Owners

Ensure Power When You Need It Most

Are you tired of “energy uncertainty?” 

You made the right decision to go solar, and while you may have enjoyed many great benefits of solar over the years, it’s not without its limitations.

It may have caught you off guard, but brownouts or blackouts can still impact your quality of life.

Seeing those savings on your energy bill never gets old – but wouldn’t it be nice if your solar installation could do more for you than just feed back into the larger and often unreliable power grid?

Reclaim some of that solar energy for yourself with NeoVolta. As one of the most advanced energy storage solutions available, NeoVolta gives your existing solar panels the power to keep your home powered when the grid goes down, which is critical if you work remotely or if you have critical medical machinery. 

Streamline your solar power for an “always on” home experience by adding a NeoVolta battery to your current system.

Not sure where to start? We’ll light the way.

Contact us to get connected with a certified dealer who can make the transition seamless.

Keep the Lights On

Escape the uncertainty of rolling brownouts or blackouts.

Avoid Tragic Outcomes

Keep critical medical devices powered on when the grid fails.

Remote Work Protection

Detach from the grid and eliminate remote work disruptions.

Solar Energy Storage Starts at Home with NeoVolta

Home Power

Home Power

Up to 32 amps of continuous whole-home power to bypass peak rates or grid outages

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Constant remote monitoring and pre-programmed system settings for maximum efficiency

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The Future is Bright with NeoVolta. Enjoy Always-On Power with NeoVolta’s Home Battery Backup.