Lithium-Iron, Not Ion

See How the NV14 Stacks Up to Competitors

See How the NV14 Stacks Up to Competitors

Whether you’re investing in solar storage for your home or for your retrofitting business, you deserve the safest, most efficient option on the market. 

In other words, you deserve a battery that won’t pose lengthy backorder times, is easy to install, and most importantly – won’t catch fire. Enter the NV14 battery from NeoVolta.

Thanks to its superior Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) chemistry, our NV14 battery is certified to pose no fire risk and offers a far safer alternative to offerings from some larger competitors. Safety comes first – but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the NV14’s advantages.

How NeoVolta Stands Out

NeoVolta Other Competitors
Does the NV14 have a fire risk?
No – the NV14’s Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry is certified to not burn.
In many cases, yes. It’s always advised that you ask your dealer.
Is it easy to install?
Yes, it typically takes less than a day.
Contact your dealer for information.
How long does delivery take?
Under two weeks, and often the same day.
As long as nine months for some competitors.
Is it cost-effective?
Yes, the NV14’s cost generally falls below the median residential storage cost.
Contact your dealer for information.
Does it need solar to charge?
No, the NV14 is compatible with grid charge and generators.
Most competitive systems require solar to charge.
How many battery cycles does it offer?
6,000 cycles with lithium iron batteries, which can last 16.5 years.
4,000 cycles with flammable lithium-ion batteries, posing safety risks.

Solar Energy Storage Starts at Home with NeoVolta

Home Power

Home Power

Up to 32 amps of continuous whole-home power to bypass peak rates or grid outages

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Constant remote monitoring and pre-programmed system settings for maximum efficiency

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