Why Your Solar Home Needs an Energy Storage System

True Solar Reliability Requires Energy Storage

There are people selling solar products everywhere, and that noise can cause a lot of confusion for you, the homeowner, trying to determine what’s right for your home and family.

Solar is a big step, and many times we learn from customers who bought solar without a battery backup, that along with that solar-only purchase, came a few surprises.

Here are a few. Without an energy storage solution:

  • You still suffer power outages. When the grid goes down, so does your home unless you have battery back-up
  • You still operate on the grid during peak hours
  • You will need 12+ years to recoup the investment on solar for California homes, due to NEM 3.0, which took effect in April 2023 in California. 
  • You lessen your ability to rely solely on power on shorter or cloudier days

Rolling blackouts and natural conditions often force energy providers to shut down, leaving many residents, even those solar-only homes, with inoperable appliances, WiFi networks, and sadly, medical devices during critical times.

Solar energy storage is the present and future, promising continuity for your at-home work networks and critical medical devices. 

With NeoVolta’s NV14, you’ll work with us to decide which rooms and appliances in your home will receive power when the grid goes down – guaranteeing power and comfort when you need it most.

We live in a battery-driven life – our laptops, smartphones and tablets, and even cars may all rely on energy storage.  Why should your home, the place where you live, work, and relax be any different?

Find a local dealer below and schedule your installation to take your first step toward a dependable home battery backup, powered by the NV14.

The Safest Energy Storage System to Date

A First of Its Kind

The NV14 is the first Lithium Iron Energy Storage System to be approved by the California Energy Commission.

Safety, Guaranteed

Built for superior thermal and chemical stability, our NV14 batteries are non-toxic and will never catch fire.

Flexible Installation

The NV14 battery can be conveniently installed indoors and outdoors and capable of generator integration.

Solar Energy Storage Starts at Home with NeoVolta

Home Power

Home Power

Up to 32 amps of continuous whole-home power to bypass peak rates or grid outages

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Power for Medical & WiFi Devices

Constant remote monitoring and pre-programmed system settings for maximum efficiency

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