Solar Battery

Learn More About Solar Energy

Learn More About Solar Energy

Each day, solar energy storage becomes more of a necessity than an add-on. But with how new it is, you may have concerns about cost savings, system performance, or solar safety.

Find your answers below before scheduling your installation.

With NeoVolta, the future is bright, because the lights stay on.

  • How much energy does NV14 store?
    • The NV14 holds 14.4 kWh (kilowatt-hours) and can charge at a rate of 5 KWh per hour and discharge at a rate of 7 KWh per hour.
  • Will NV14 work with my existing solar panel system?
    • Most systems can be easily retrofitted, while some older solar configurations may require additional equipment to bring the solar panel system up to current building and fire codes.
  • How often can I use the NV14?
    • The NV14 is designed for daily energy cycling. Customers will typically charge the battery from solar during the day and discharge from the battery in the afternoon or evening when solar isn’t producing and the utility is charging peak pricing for electricity.
  • Can I charge the NV14 from the grid?
    • Yes, our battery is programmed to charge from the grid and solar or from solar only. 
  • Where is the NV14 made?
    • The NV14 is designed and assembled by our engineering team in San Diego, California, in the United States. While some components are sourced from overseas, product assembly and quality testing take place here in America.
  • What is the NV14’s battery chemistry?
    • The NV14 battery uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe (PO4) or LFP).
  • Why Lithium Iron Phosphate?
    • Lithium Iron Phosphate is considered much safer than Lithium Ion, with a longer lifespan than what’s used in conventional home energy storage systems. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries also don’t have the potential of catching fire – unlike Lithium-ion NMC and NCA batteries, which do have the potential for “thermal runaway” and can cause an inextinguishable fire if a cell is punctured or if moisture interacts with the battery chemistry.
  • What’s the total cost of the NV14?
    • The total cost depends on your solar configuration. We’ll connect you with a NeoVolta-certified dealer for an exact quote for your installation.
  • Why do I need a battery?
    • It minimizes reliance on high-cost utility electricity by storing solar energy during the day to use at night when rates are most expensive. Home energy storage protects your solar investment by maximizing the use of your own solar-produced power. It can also provide the freedom and security of reliable power in a grid outage.
  • How does home energy storage work?
    • Energy produced by your solar panel system during the day charges the battery, which stores it for you to use later. For daily battery cycling, nighttime is typically when electricity rates are most expensive. For emergency backup purposes, the system will provide your home with secure power independence from the grid, and in some cases, keep your solar panel system operational and producing electricity.
  • How much energy storage is necessary?
    • Battery capacity will depend on your energy use habits and goals for installing energy storage. Typical home energy storage systems range from 5kW-15kW of storage, with room to expand further. High-energy consumers and those looking for extended grid independence may require additional storage capacity. With NeoVolta, you can add additional battery capacity with the NV24, increasing the NV14 from 14.4 KW to 24 KW without the additional expense of another inverter.
  • Is energy storage safe for my house?
    • As a permitted addition to your home, energy storage systems must be certified and get approval from federal and state authorities as well as the utility company. While they are considered safe, some systems are safer than others, depending on what battery chemistry they use. Li-ion batteries containing cobalt have the possibility of “thermal runaway,” which can cause severe fire. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, like what’s inside the NV14, are cobalt-free, and will not experience “thermal runaway.”
  • Will the NV14 work with my existing solar panel system?
    • Most systems can be easily retrofitted, while some older solar configurations may require additional equipment to bring the solar panel system up to current building and fire codes.
  • Can I install a battery only, without solar?
    • Yes – you can recharge the battery from the grid alone, without solar.
  • How is the NV14 connected?
    • The NV14 battery connects to your main service panel through your existing inverter. You can also use the NV14’s built-in inverter to convert your solar energy to AC power. 
  • Where can I install it?
    • The NV14 is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation. Some common locations include the garage or outside, by your main service panel.
  • What additional equipment is necessary?
    • A provided critical load sub-panel is required for secure power during grid outages, as it allows those circuits to be powered when the grid fails.
  • What is a critical load panel?
    • A critical load panel is a subpanel connected to the NV14 that continues to operate when the grid goes down. The “secure power circuits” don’t power the whole home but feature 8-14 circuits, allowing you to maintain power for basic comforts such as lighting, refrigeration, kitchen outlets, computers, WiFi routers, the garage, and medical equipment, to name a few.
  • When can I get it installed?
    • You can install the NV14 in your home today! Depending on the availability of your dealer, if you order today, you can enjoy the benefits of solar within the next 1-2 months.
  • Who will install it for me?
    • NeoVolta maintains a network of certified solar dealers who are certified in the installation, setup, and initialization of the NV14 battery. We’ll help connect you with a partner/dealer in your area. 
  • How long does an installation take?
    • Installation takes less than a day. However, due to the planning, permits, and necessary inspections, the total project time will be a bit longer. Contact your partner/dealer for a more precise timeline of your installation.
  • Can I select a contractor myself, and can my previous dealer do it for me?
    • Yes, as long as your contractor is a NeoVolta-certified dealer. If you’d like to use a past dealer, have your original solar dealer contact NeoVolta.
  • Can I install it myself?
    • No – only NeoVolta-certified dealers are allowed to install our home energy storage system.
  • Is the NV14 battery eligible for a federal tax credit?
    • The IRS has stated that the 30% tax credit can be applied on a standalone energy storage installation or as a component of your solar panel system (when charged 100% from your solar panel system). To confirm the details of your tax credit eligibility, contact your tax advisor. 
  • How much is the tax credit?
    • Qualified taxpayers reap a tax credit that’s 30% of the total installed cost, including the equipment and installation. Contact your tax advisor to confirm your eligibility.
  • Does the NV14 provide backup power in a grid outage?
    • Yes – in a grid outage, the NV14 battery automatically detects a decrease in power before switching to “grid-independent” mode. This allows your home to stay powered and your panel system to continue producing energy for the home. 
  • Does my solar still work when the utility has an outage?
    • If you have a NeoVolta NV14 battery, you will always enjoy “always-on” power. Grid-tied solar energy systems without batteries depend on the grid for power. When an outage occurs, your solar panel system de-energizes and stops producing power – even if the sun is out. Solar + storage allows you to automatically disconnect from the grid, powering your home with stored solar energy until the grid is back online.
  • How long will my battery keep me powered during a blackout?
    • Combined with a solar panel system, an energy storage solution can power your home for six hours or more depending on your critical load usage.
  • What can I back up when the grid goes down?
    • It depends on how long you want your backup battery to last. Typical home energy storage systems allow backups for basic functions such as lighting, refrigeration, communication, medical devices and security.
  • If my internet provider is down during a blackout, will my system work?
    • No – if your internet service is down, then your WiFi system won’t be able to access the internet.
  • Will remote monitoring work if the grid is down?
    • Yes, as long as your internet provider isn’t affected by the blackout.
  • Is financing available for the NV14?
    • There’s an array of $0 down financing options available for residential renewable energy projects, including both solar + storage and storage only. Our team will connect you with a certified NeoVolta dealer and installer who can further discuss financing options with you.
  • What’s the warranty on the NV14 battery?
    • The NV14 has a 10-year limited warranty (6,000 cycles at 80% dept-of-discharge). Visit our Support page for the full warranty.
  • What maintenance costs are associated with the NV14 battery?
    • Once installed and initialized by your certified partner/installer, the NV14 doesn’t require any additional maintenance. NeoVolta may remotely update firmware or programming to ensure optimal performance of your battery based on your utility’s rate structures. We suggest that your installer makes a service call at the 4-year mark to ensure top performance.
  • What is Time-of-Use?
    • Time-of-use is a rate plan that varies rates according to the time of day, season, and day type, such as whether it’s a weekday, weekend, or holiday. Rates spike during peak demand hours, drop when demand is low, and are typically higher during the summer months when compared to winter. 
  • Will my rate structure change?
    • Adding home energy storage to your solar panel system shouldn’t change your rate structure. Regulations may change in the future, but there’s currently little-to-no difference in your rate structure or compensation through Net Metering.
  • Do I lose Net Metering?
    • As of now, home energy storage systems do not alter your Net Metering agreement in California.
  • How long will my battery keep me powered during a blackout?
    • When paired with solar panels, an energy storage system can typically power your home for more than six hours depending on the critical load usage. As long as the sun is shining, the lights stay on with NeoVolta.

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