Solar Energy Storage for Homebuilders

Partner with NeoVolta for Your Residential Projects

Partner with NeoVolta for Your Residential Projects

California homebuilders are already taking advantage of state and federal rebates for energy storage projects – and you should too. 

When you partner with NeoVolta for your residential projects, you become eligible for both California’s SGIP rebate and the federal ITC rebate, which offers a 30% tax credit on equipment and installation. 

On top of these savings, you’ll be protecting your customers from grid failures and high TOU rates – and installation is always completed  in six hours or less. 

As a homebuilder, your future is bright with NeoVolta – because your clients’ lights will always stay on.

Rebate Savings

Save 30% on solar installation costs with rebates.

Rental NOI

Increase summer NOI and building value by $10K-$20K.

Buyer Protection

Prevent rolling blackouts and TOU rates for customers.

Fast Installation

Install the NV14 indoors or outdoors within 6 hours.

Why Partner With NeoVolta?

Easy Setup

Our battery is weatherproof and can be installed in the garage, or on the side of a home.

10-Year Warranty

NeoVolta’s NV14 battery is built with lithium IRON – not ION – and has a 10-year warranty.

Remote Monitoring

We’ll monitor the health of your NV14 system and report downtime so you don’t have to worry.

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The Future is Bright with NeoVolta. Gain Always-On Power Today.