Solar Energy Storage Helps Your Homeowners Stay Current

Your New Substitute for Solar Sell-Backs

NEM 3.0 has changed the solar landscape. Solar sell-backs are no longer a core benefit. You showed homeowners the numbers, explained the savings, and most of the time, they saw the value. But now that the compensation rates have changed, the break-even period on new installations is much longer. 

Your sales don’t have to slide. Your sales team needs to build on the biggest benefits.

Home batteries like NeoVolta’s are no longer an add-on; they are a must-have, and effective energy storage will be a vital part of selling solar moving forward. This is especially true for your customers who have powered medical devices or work from home and require “always on” WiFi.

We’re Lighting the Way for
Dealers & Installers

Perfect for New & Existing Customers

Introduce new and past clients to the future of always-on solar power.

Supplement Your Solar Install Sales

Add a new revenue stream and offset declining installs due to NEM 3.0.

Solar Power Storage Training

Get the information you need to sell solar power storage effectively.

Exclusive Access to NeoVolta’s NV14

NeoVolta’s NV14 is limited to dealers not selling to larger competitors.

Incentivize New & Existing Customers with NeoVolta

If you’re concerned about the future of your solar panel installation business, it’s time to consider solutions that will incentivize new customers beyond utility rebates. 

NeoVolta’s NV14 Solar Battery provides an incentive for you to offer both new and existing customers.

Solar Energy Storage Starts at Home with NeoVolta

Rapid Installs

Plug-and-play design allows for quick and easy installation.

AC or DC

Keep the lights on with AC, DC, or combined AC & DC power.

Flexible Placement

Install indoors or outdoors to meet changing building codes.

Custom Backups

Match client power objectives with customer-specific setups.

10-Year Warranty

Thanks to its modular design, servicing the NV14 is a breeze.

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