NeoVolta’s Beginnings

Founded by Brent Willson in Poway, California, in 2018, NeoVolta designs, develops, and manufactures residential energy storage batteries that cut utility costs and keep your lights, medical devices, and remote workstations on when blackouts strike.

NeoVolta’s NV14 battery is designed for safety and equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery – not “ion” – that virtually eliminates fire risk. The system can also switch between AC, DC, and AC/DC power depending on your needs. 

By storing energy instead of sending it back to the grid, homeowners can escape the inconveniences of rolling blackouts and brownouts, avoid peak demand electricity rates, and ultimately lower their reliance on the grid for power. 

Learn more about how the NV14 battery can elevate your lifestyle in the video below.

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