Power Backup for Home – Never Be Without Electricity Again

What happens when a home is not prepared with a backup power source for an emergency situation? What if a major storm cuts out power or the city has a public safety power shutoff? Most Americans are not prepared for a prolonged power outage, and while that may not be an issue for some folks, others who need constant power are rightly concerned. Without a reliable power backup for your home, navigating a sustained power failure becomes considerably difficult. 

Fortunately, setting up a power backup for home has never been easier. Whether or not a home is fitted with solar panels, with NeoVolta’s NV14, homeowners get a reliable backup power source that stores solar energy all year round. Discover why dealers choose the NV14 as the ideal option for a power backup for homes.

Maintain Power with AC/DC Coupling

One feature that makes the NV14 a great choice for dealers to install in homes is its ability to accept AC and DC power systems simultaneously. This means your clients get more versatility out of their power storage. In general, solar battery backups are usually AC-coupled, meaning they require DC solar to be inverted to AC current before being sent to the energy storage system (ESS).

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Backed by the California Energy Commission

For those living in California, the NV14 was the second to receive UL 9540A certification by the California Energy Commission. In an era where compliance is enforced at the state level, clients rely on dealers to suggest the best option for their home. NeoVolta-certified dealers go through specialized training to understand the capabilities and installation of the NV14. Dealers like you are trusted with guiding folks toward energy independence.

It’s also a vote of confidence to have approval from the state’s governing body on power backups for home. Efficient, powerful, and reliable enough to stand up to all of life’s rigors, the NV14 is 50% longer-lasting than most lithium-ion alternatives. 

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Flexible Installation

NeoVolta’s seamless installation makes it easier than ever to equip a home with an ESS. The NV14 battery can be conveniently installed indoors and outdoors and is capable of generator integration. 

As an installer, your goal is to address your clients’ energy storage needs as quickly as possible. If they require a quick install, it’s best not to keep them waiting or cause more stress due to complicated installation schedules. That’s a lose-lose for everyone involved. 

This powerwall system alternative typically arrives in two weeks or fewer. Best of all, it takes less than a day of work to install the NV14, making it one of the top worry-free setups a dealer could ask for. 

NeoVolta’s Dedication to Energy Storage Technology

NeoVolta is dedicated to advancing energy storage technology. Our home battery backup system is a testament to our commitment to safety, longevity, and innovation. With one of the longest battery lives available and compatibility across various solar systems, NeoVolta is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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About NeoVolta

NeoVolta designs, develops, and manufactures advanced energy storage systems for both residential and industrial use. Its storage solutions are engineered with Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFe(PO4)) battery chemistry, which is clean, nontoxic, and nonflammable. The residential-focused NeoVolta NV14 is equipped with a solar rechargeable 14.4 kWh battery system, a 7,680-Watt inverter, and a web-based energy management system with 24/7 monitoring. The system’s 6,000-cycle battery life, one of the longest on the market, translates to 16.5 years of useful life, based on a full charge, and discharge each day. The NV14 has passed the product safety standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for battery energy storage safety testing.

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