Stay Powered Up with Solar Battery Backup for Your Home

Power outages are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and often unsafe – especially if you have critical medical devices that require always-on power. 

To avoid the inconvenience of power outages and blackouts, many solar homeowners are opting for a solar battery backup that keeps the lights on when the grid goes down. Along with keeping your home powered, a home energy storage system is your ticket to significant electricity savings on net metering fees, demand charges, and time-of-use rates (TOU). 

At NeoVolta, our NV14 solar battery is helping solar homeowners across the country attain these home energy storage benefits. With its fire-safe lithium-iron composition and longer life cycle versus our lithium-ion competitors, it’s the premier solar battery backup for solar homeowners looking to make the most of their already-existing panel setup.

Read on to learn how a solar battery backup works, why every solar home deserves one, and what makes NeoVolta’s NV14 system the top choice for reliable, long-lasting home energy storage. 

How Does a Solar Battery Backup Work?

A solar battery backup works in tandem with your solar panel system to store the energy your panels absorb, allowing you to use that power when you need it most. 

More specifically, solar panels mounted on your roof absorb energy from the sun during the day. An inverter within the solar battery backup then converts the DC power into usable AC electricity. This energy is used to power your home’s needs, with any excess being stored in your battery bank. 

This stored energy can then power your home if the grid goes down, or be used during “peak” times when TOU rates are at their highest. Clean, renewable power, around the clock – like having a personal power plant in your own backyard.

Why Your Home Deserves a Solar Battery Backup

Always-On Power

Say goodbye to powerless nights huddled around candles and flashlights. With solar battery storage, such as NeoVolta’s NV14 solar battery, your lights and essential appliances will stay on when the grid goes dark. This keeps your family safe and comfortable until utility crews restore power. 

Lower Electricity Bills

Cut back on net metering fees, demand charges, and save significantly on “peak” rates by storing your solar energy for later use. With a solar battery backup, you can store sunshine from your panels during the day, and use that energy when TOU rates are at their highest. This lets you escape premium peak rates and bypasses potential net metering fees since you’re no longer back-feeding energy to the grid. All that energy is yours to keep.

Long Life Cycles

Modern lithium-ion batteries are built to last, able to deliver reliable power for up to 10 years on average, or about 4,000 cycles. However, there are other types of solar batteries with different chemical makeups that are even longer lasting and better suited for the home. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries, for example, can last up to 6,000 cycles – or 16.5 years – and pose no thermal runaway, meaning your home will never combust and catch fire. 

Why Opt for NeoVolta’s Home Energy Storage?

With a solar battery backup, solar homeowners can finally stay powered when the grid can’t. However, traditional lithium-ion batteries pose certain safety risks that make them less suitable for the home than other options, such as lithium-iron-phosphate.

NeoVolta’s lithium-iron powered solar battery backup doesn’t just last 6.5 years longer than lithium-ion alternatives. It’s virtually fireproof, posing no thermal runaway, making it the perfect choice for home applications. When it comes to the home, where you and your family eat, sleep, and gather, a solar battery with a risk for combustion isn’t a risk you want to take.

Stay powered up with NeoVolta’s solar battery and ensure your lights always stay on.

If you’re a solar homeowner, visit the NeoVolta website for more details on our NV14 battery and find installers near you.

About NeoVolta

NeoVolta designs, develops, and manufactures advanced energy storage systems for both residential and industrial use. Its storage solutions are engineered with Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFe(PO4)) battery chemistry, which is clean, nontoxic, and nonflammable. The residential-focused NeoVolta NV14 is equipped with a solar rechargeable 14.4 kWh battery system, a 7,680-Watt inverter, and a web-based energy management system with 24/7 monitoring. The system’s 6,000-cycle battery life, one of the longest on the market, translates to 16.5 years of useful life, based on a full charge, and discharge each day. The NV14 has passed the product safety standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for battery energy storage safety testing.

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